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Tax Deductions

While people may hate taxes and tax forms, they love tax deductions. Here is an introduction to tax deductions that may help you minimize what you pay.

There is no doubt that paying taxes is one of the least favorite things to do for most Americans. This is hardly a surprise given the incredibly confusing tax laws and IRS tax forms. As one person said; When you finish your tax returns, you dont know if you are a criminal or a martyr. Simply put, it can be massively confusing and stressful. One of your major weapons in fighting back is the much-loved deduction, which provides filers with tax relief Florida and other states.

Tax deductions are simply expenses that you are allowed to use to reduce your gross income. From a big picture perspective, figuring out your taxes is actually pretty simple. You determine your gross income and then deduct everything allowable under law. When you have that figure, you head to the tax tables and figure out how much you owe. Obviously there are other aspects - such as capital gains - to the process, but this is it in a nutshell and emphasizes the importance of tax deductions.

When contemplating tax deductions, it is important to remember that they almost always exist to modify our behavior in some way. Take the mortgage interest deduction for example. It exists for the purpose of promoting homeownership in the United States. By offering a substantial financial windfall, the government seeks to put as many taxpayers in homes as possible and secure the middle class that makes our society so strong. This approach is true for nearly all tax deductions even if the exact purpose does not seem obvious at first.

Tax Relief Florida

When writing an introduction to tax relief Florida and other states, the first thing any reader wants to see is a list of the tax deductions that they can claim. Unfortunately, that is next to impossible. The tax code with regulations is over 50,000 pages and full of tax deductions. Even if a list were created, it would not make sense to the average taxpayer because IRS tax terminology is so exotic.


For millions of Americans, tax deductions are readily apparent on the forms the IRS prepares. Despite the reputation of the Agency, they do include everything that most people would claim. If you have a unique situation, then most of the applicable tax deductions probably will not be included on the forms. To take advantage of them, you need to sit down with a certified public account or enrolled agent such as we have at Rizzolo Group. It will be well worth your time and money. You may even be able write off our fees!


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