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Finding the right tax preparer  for you can seem like a daunting challenge. Here are some easy guides to help you find a tax preparer that's right for you. Plus helpful tips on working with your tax preparer, how to organize your tax documents and how to protect yourself from unscrupulous tax preparers.







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Finding a tax preparer to prepare and to file your taxes is a relatively straightforward process. Rizzolo Group is one of Florida's premier accounting firms offering a full array of income tax preparation services. Our staff of accountants and enrolled agents will ensure that your tax return is professionally prepared and that your tax liability will be as low as it possibly can be.


Here's how:


1.  Ask yourself why you need a tax preparer.There are four basic needs for tax preparation services: speed, accuracy,creating a customized tax strategy and managing a complex tax situation with accuracy and professionalism.


2.  Try not to focus on having your tax return prepared quickly. Companies such as H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service typically do not have highly trained preparers. Virtually none are CPA's or EA's. Every year we hear from taxpayers who were dissatisfied at the level of accuracy and professionalism they encountered at these types of firms.


Insider Tip: Be sure to ask if your preparer is an Enrolled Agent, CPA or has received advanced tax training.


3.  If creating a tax plan for your future is most important, you should seek out the advice of a licensed tax professional such as a Certified Public Accountant or an Enrolled Agent. These are highly-trained tax professionals who specialize in helping their clients pay the least tax possible.


Insider Tip: a little known fact is that local CPA's and EA's charge only slightly more than a franchise service and will provide much more personalized service.


4.  If handling a complex tax situation is most important, you should find an accountant who specializes in your problem.Special circumstances include living outside the United States, day trading in the stock market, owning a small business, resolving an IRS audit, filing back taxes and trying to settle your tax debts.


Insider Tip: All tax professionals specialize. Find a CPA or EA who has the experience, knowledge and skills that you need. When it comes to tax and accounting services, you really do get what you pay for.


5.  Everyone wants their tax returns to be accurate. All tax professionals should guarantee the accuracy of their work. Ifyou have a particularly complicated tax situation, you should see a tax professional with substantial experience to help you.


Insider Tip: Some franchises will try to sell you an enhanced guarantee to cover additional taxes and penalties in case of an audit. This is practically a guaranteed profit for the franchise. A knowledgeable preparer should not have to sell guarantees. It should be a component of the preparation service.


6.  Ask about any guarantees that accounting firms like Rizzolo Group offer. The tax preparer should be willing to guarantee the accuracy of the returns, be willing to amend the tax return if there was a mistake in the tax prep and be willing to assist you in an IRS audit.




At Rizzolo Group, a guarantee and IRS audit representation are included with all tax preparation. If necessary, a highly trained bookkeeper will be happy to organize and recap your tax records. We will assign a knowledgable and compentent bookkeeper to your account and make certain that your records have been properly compiled for use in preparing your income tax return.

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